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Oshkosh Hager Cal-Royal
Pemko Schlage Dorma
Lcn Closers Von Duprin  

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Hager Hardware

Hager Hinges
Series BB1279, 129, BB1168
Size 4.5 X 4.5
Finishes USP, US26D, US3, US26, US10B
Half Surface and Half Mortise available
Non Removeable Pin (NRP) available

Hager Flat Goods
Chain Door Guards, Door Signs, Dust Proof Strike, Dutch Door Bolts, Floor Stops, Flush Bolts, Hospital Latch, Kick Plates, Mop Plates, Pull Plates, Push Plates, Roller Latches, Surface Bolts, Wall Bumpers
Finishes US3, US10B, US26, US26D

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Schlage Lock Company
Cylinders Mortise/Rim, Deadlocks, Lockset, Passage Set, Privacy Set - Cylindrical and Mortise
Heavy Duty & Standard Duty
Available Finishes: US26D - other finishes available upon request.

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LCN Closers
Series 1461, 4041, 4011, 4111
Finishes Alum

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Dorma Door Controls
Standard Duty and Heavy Duty Door Closers
Finishes: Gold, Alum, Dark Bronze

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Cal Royal Products, Inc.
Door viewer, Dummy Trim, Exit Device Trim, Exit Device, Exit Lock, Spring Hinges, Kick Down Stops, Locksets, Passage Sets, Privacy Sets
Available finishes: US2, US10B, US26D, US26

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Von Duprin
99 Series Exit Device
Finish US28 others available

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Auto Door Bottom, Drip Cap, Sweep Strip, Threshold, Weatherstripping
Finishes Alum


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